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Our annual John Denver tribute weekend was a low-key event in 2018, due to many of our regular participants having had taken holidays during the year. We didn't want to put too much pressure on anyone, so we followed our usual format, and made it a relaxing get-together at the TAFE in Kurri Kurri, NSW..


This year, too was a sad one for us, as our dear friend, Sandra Horwell had passed away in August. It is very difficult to accept that we won't see her smiling face again. She is resting now.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and who attended our annual tribute weekend. It was a bit of a rush pulling everything together this year, as most of us were somewhere else for the months leading up to the weekend. A big thanks to Gus and Bruce, who along with Alistair, provided a wonderful evening of music and song. Thanks to Pat Evans, who decided to join us for the Saturday evening singalong and who enjoyed herself immensely.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to all who participated. Davy Turner of England donated the silhouette painting of John Denver, which was our first prize in the raffle. Melanie, who donated many items, including the book and DVD pack, and a number it items, which were sold on the night. Thanks to Carmel and Alistair who organised the plaques, trees, and did the shopping AND provided the Friday night dinner. John and Alistair are our resident diggers and although we didn’t have formal letters to read out this year, we did plant our trees for John, Sandy, and for Dolly, Jan’s mum, who also passed away in August.

Lastly, I know that when help is needed, this wonderful group of caring friends roll up their sleeves and put their energies into helping out. Individually we sometimes face tough times and this year has been particularly challenging for many of our members. I would like to give you a HUGE (((hug))) for the times that you have reached out and touched those in need. It seems that nothing can break the bonds of friendship within this group.

The original painting by Davy Arthur was won by GUS
2018_flying for me_DavyTurner1.jpg
'Mystery' tote bag filled with a variety of goods was won by Beverley Underwood
Book and DVD pack was won by Pat Evans
All proceeds from the raffle and other donations are given to Peggy McDonald of Higher Ground Raptors.
Proceeds of raffle: $141.00
Donations: $409.00
We donated a total of $550 to Higher Ground Raptors to continue the valuable work Peggy does in rehabilitating injured raptors. and
This year, a pack of four picture storybooks was donated to Luurnpa Catholic School in Balgo, Western Australia. The book pack included:
Grandmother's Feather Bed
Take me Home, Country Roads
Sunshine on my Shoulders
For Bobby (For Baby)
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